Sweet, sweet humans. I am officially back! Cue the rap air horn!I know, I know. It has been a long time. It has almost been a year since I genuinely wrote with the gusto, emotion, and fervor that I once had. At times in the past year, I've thought about changing the focus of this … Continue reading Revival.


Hey. What's good fam? I've been going through it mentally lately. Feeling a little stagnant. Not feeling like I am where I want to be in life. Feeling like I'm not doing everything I can be. When I start to feel like this, I realize that the best thing for me to do is to … Continue reading Work.


Hiiiiiiiiii lovelies. I've been thinking about the term handsome a lot lately. My girlfriend and I had a chat about it the other day too, and she told me about an interview she watched of Grace Dunham (Yes, Lena's younger sibling). Grace identifies as gender non-conforming and prefers they/them pronouns. In the interview the interviewer … Continue reading Handsome.


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack. And better than ever! Well, that's debatable. I can honestly say that having a break from my most important creative pursuit was perfect for me to get myself together and reevaluate what I want SideChick to be and become. When I started SideChick over a year ago, I felt that my life was … Continue reading Anew.


Hi. I know, I know. I've been MIA. Something I promised wouldn't happen, but it did. Sometimes life just gets in the way and pulls you away from your passion projects. And sometimes you have to pay attention to that. This blog used to be high up on my priority list, and I wish I … Continue reading Break.


Hi hi hi I've officially lived in D.C. for three months now, and it has been a little bit of a transition. I've moved so many times that I felt like this would be just another move, but the struggles I've had in these three months have really caused me to look inward a bit. … Continue reading Flux.


Heyooooooooo 🙂 Sometimes we have friends who completely suck the life out of us and make us feel drained, and sometimes we have friends who lift us up and give us life. I've had my fair share of both. But as I get older it has become more and more apparent to me how important … Continue reading Surround.


Hi 🙂 So lately I've been thinking about energy. How do we decide what we give our energy to? What kind of energy do we give off? How do we save our energy to use on useful things? I've been ruminating on these topics lately because I've been thinking a lot about intention. The past … Continue reading Energy.


Hi guys As most of you know, Houston has been home to me for the past two years. It has been home for some of the toughest parts of my life thus far, and it will always have a very special place in my heart. It has been very difficult for the past week to … Continue reading Rebirth.


Hi guys 🙂 I want to write a little bit about feeling validated. There are many ways we can feel validated, and it differs person to person. Some people might feel validated by helping other people or by seeing others reach their goals. Some people might feel validated by making important decisions. And some people … Continue reading Validate.


Hi beautiful people of the internet! Guysssss. I have officially had this blog for one full year and I can't even begin to explain how exciting and helpful and cool it has been to see it grow throughout this time. When I started Sidechick, I didn't have very many expectations. I was hoping I'd get … Continue reading One.


How can we better allies? How can we show up for people we care about? How can we show people that what they feel is not okay because it hurts others? These questions have been circling more recently due to Trump banning transgender people from the military in the United States, and honestly it has … Continue reading Ally.

Factoids #2.

Hello beautiful people of the interwebz! Sometimes it completely baffles me to believe that there are people all over the world reading this blog. India. England. China. Australia. Canada. Argentina. WordPress is awesome because it gives me stats on who views my blog, more specifically what countries you guys are from. And almost a year … Continue reading Factoids #2.


Hi This is going to be a shorter post because frankly, I don't have that much to say. But I did read an article the other day that really struck me. It was of course about the political tornado in a jar we're living in, but something about the article really resonated with me. And … Continue reading Empathy.


Hello 🙂 72 Hours. 3 days. How much do you give away? How high do you let your freak flag fly? How do you know when you've shared too much? Is there such thing as sharing too much? Over the past month or so, I've had two instances where I've spent the equivalent of 3 … Continue reading 72.


Hiiiiiiiiii Pride month is coming to a close unfortunately, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. For a long time I have really been curious about LGBTQ+ history. My brain is super wired for history and English, they are where some of my deepest passions lie. I have a thirst for knowledge to … Continue reading HERstory.


Hellooooooooo beautiful people of the interwebz! I'm sorry I've been MIA for a bit, I went to Hawaii (which was amazing) and have been in the middle of moving for a while now. But I've been enjoying Pride month nonetheless! As the month has gone on, I've noticed there are many companies who are suddenly … Continue reading Support.


HAPPY PRIDE MONTH PEEEEEEEEPS! As some of you know, and maybe some of you don't know, June is Pride month. What that means is it is a month for the GAYS. YASSSSSS KWEEEEEN 🙂 We finally get our own month to be gay as hell. Most of my posts this month will be pride related, … Continue reading Closet.


June 1st marked the end of my teaching career. As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm in the process of moving to Washington D.C. for grad school. When I first began my teaching career I was full of hope and energy. The whole premise behind me wanting to be a teacher was the hope … Continue reading Teacher.

May Favorites

It's that time again peeps! Time for me to ramble on about the best things I've tried this month. The next few posts might be a little later than normal because ya girl is in the process of moving. I'll be kind of all over the place this summer (moving back in with my parents … Continue reading May Favorites

Cut it.

Hiiiiiiiiii I always get asked about my hair. Over the past three or four years, I have gotten less attention attached to my hair, but every now and then someone will say something about it. I had long hair my entire life. My hair hung in a long ponytail down my back, all the way … Continue reading Cut it.


Happy Mother's Day to all my readers out there! This has been an emotional weekend. I traveled home to watch my baby sister graduate from high school. It was the first time I'd seen my family since Christmas. And all of our lives are transforming and growing in different ways. That's something about family that … Continue reading Mother. 


Hi. As most of you know, I teach 9th grade English at a public high school in a middle-upper class suburb of Houston, Texas. My school particularly is different than many other public high schools because we currently have the most diverse student body in the state of Texas. In the majority of my classes … Continue reading Faith.


Well the Doritos Locos Taco that is running the country has fucked us over even more. Who would of thought he could do this much damage in this little time? Oh yeah. We all did. WE ALL DID. Sexual assault is now a pre-existing condition. Trans people and gender non conforming people are going to … Continue reading Cope.

Be there.

Helloooooooooooo! My life has been speckled and spattered with depressive states. I am a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. I didn't become aware of my depression until college, before that I just thought I was having an uninterrupted series of bad days. Or bad months. Or bad years. When I was in … Continue reading Be there.

Love U.

Hi hi wonderful people of the interwebz! In the words of one of my idols, RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?" I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. Before my last relationship, I was in a really good place mentally. I was … Continue reading Love U.


This is a post for those of you out there who are struggling. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Or all of the above. I've written about my own battles with mental illness to an extent on Sidechick before. I have been living with depression and anxiety for nearly my entire life, whether I knew to call it … Continue reading Helping.


Hiiiiiiiiiii beautiful people of the interwebz! I know I have some new readers, so if you're new here, WELCOME! I hope you like my lil corner of the internet. It is weird and cool and dank and musty. You'll get used to the smell soon enough! Since I have some new readers, I thought I … Continue reading Factoids.