My last couple of posts have been kind of dense and wordy, so I thought I would change things up a bit with this post. I wanted to do an apartment tour of sorts, but it turned into just pictures of my stuff. All my favorite stuff.

When I moved into my new apartment in June, I knew I wouldn’t be around much in the summer so I didn’t think much about decor. I kind of just put my stuff away in the cupboards and made sure everything was unpacked, but there wasn’t anything on the walls for months. This wasn’t my first adult apartment (it was my second), and my last apartment was nice, but it wasn’t quite reflective of me. I had things on the walls yes, but sometimes it still didn’t feel like “home.” So with this apartment I set out to make it as homey and warm as possible. Because home should feel like home.

So here is a peek inside my apartment and all of my favorite stuff.



I had a lot of fun decorating my apartment this time around mostly because I found ways to decorate it cheaply. I waited until patio furniture went on sale at the end of the summer. Nearly all of the art work on my gallery wall was painted or created by my little sister (she is 17 people, she is amazing!), and I did most of my shopping at World Market Cost Plus or Home Goods. Decorating can be insanely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Bottom line: your home should feel like home. Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside my home 🙂

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