Here is the second installment of Try it Tuesday! For about a month I have been making my bed every day. You might be thinking, “Hmmm. That seems like something you should be doing anyway…” And you’re right. Maybe I should as a grown, adult woman be making my bed every morning. But I’m a lazy SOB.

Last month I stumbled upon an article on BuzzFeed about the benefits of making your bed every day and why you should start today. And although most of the fibers of my being were thinking BS the entire time I read the article, a teeny tiny part of me thought, “Hmm maybe I should try it.” And that I did. THAT I DID.

I grew up with a very picky mother who made me make my bed every morning and would scold me constantly if it wasn’t made. She would always use the excuse of, “What if we have company?” 1. We rarely had unannounced company and 2. Why the heck would the company be going into my room for any reason? Once I got into my teen years, I think my mom was afraid to trudge through my room, so she rarely came up there. Thus, the henpecking stopped. I started not making my bed and just leaving the sheets askew like I woke up in such a rush that I was on my way to diffuse a bomb and save the country. Simply no time for bed making when the state of the country is resting on my shoulders! I didn’t make my bed because I didn’t care. I always held the philosophy that if I was just going to come home and get back into the same bed, why did I need to fix it just to undo it?

As a teen, I left my bed in disarray unless I knew my mom would be in my room or I knew we would have company. I just did not understand why it needed to be “made” otherwise. College was the same way (NO PARENTS, NO RULES!). My roommate freshman year followed my lead and we both very rarely had our beds made. Even a Twin XL was too much trouble to make. And we were so busy with drinking…I mean school work. And still to this day, I don’t make my bed unless I’m having people over. So if you come over and see my bed is made, I did it just for you! You’re welcome Mom!

When I decided to try making my bed every morning, I don’t think I understood exactly how stupidly simple that is. All you have to do is pull the sheets taut and it looks like you put in all kinds of effort. I love when things seem like such a bother, but end up being really simple. Initially I was worried that I would need to wake up a bit earlier in order to get it done and get out the door on time, but it literally takes two seconds. I also have an extremely simple bed set up, just a simple blanket/quilt as my comforter and no additional decorative pillows or anything like that.

For the first two weeks, I was making my bed and kicking butt every morning. I do admit that coming home to a neatly made bed has a certain appeal and it made me feel like I had my shit together way more than I actually do. There is something about slipping under the neatly made covers when you’re ready for bed, it just makes you feel like you did something special for yourself and that’s cool as hell.

I was cool as a cucumber the first two weeks, then steadily over the course of the next few weeks I fell off guys. I fell off so hard. I became lazy bones Jones again. One morning I woke up half asleep and not quite alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. This started the downward spiral into non bed making. I tried to pick it back up, but my spirit suddenly realized that making my bed didn’t matter. It made me feel a little bit cooler and like I put in some effort, but that feeling wasn’t enough to keep me going.

Even though I was committed to doing this for a month, I was okay with it not lasting that long. I realized that I didn’t really care about my bed being made and that it was completely fine. There was no guilt attached to not fulfilling this. Every now and again, I will make my bed and I am reminded of the times when I made it consistently for two weeks, but I’ve moved on. I am indifferent to making my bed. And that is that.

So make your bed or don’t. If it is important to you, do it. If it isn’t, don’t. It is as easy as that!