Hello sweet humans of the world!

My last couple posts have been kind of personal and emotional, so I figured I would take a break from being emo as hell and give the people what they want!

With Thanksgiving coming up next week here in the states, I know many of you will be traveling. I’ll be traveling to New Orleans this weekend for a mini vacation and then next week I will be heading to Oklahoma City to spend the holiday with my family. Some of my must haves for traveling are good playlists and good podcasts.

I used to despise podcasts. It seemed that I could never really find one that I liked enough to listen to continuously or consistently. I also equated them to talk radio for the longest time and if you want to see me get annoyed very quickly, make me listen to talk radio for more than a few minutes.

This summer I got super into them after one of my close friends told me about a few good ones. I traveled most of the summer and I honestly enjoyed a break from just listening to music for long drives and flights. Whether you are driving or flying or even staying right where you are during the holidays, here are some podcasts that might get your goat!

  1. Throwing Shade Podcast


    I’m not going to take credit for discovering this hidden gem on my own (my ex showed it to me a few years ago), but I didn’t start listening to it every week until this summer. And boy am I glad I did! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I do when I listen to this podcast. This podcast is hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. They discuss LGBTQ+ news and feminist news mostly, but they also have guests on who they interview. Seriously, you have to check out this podcast. I have almost peed my pants multiple times on the way home from work listening to this. There are 261 episodes currently and they come out with a new episode every Thursday. They also have a TV show coming out on TV Land in January so jump on their bandwagon before they get crazy popular!

  2. Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage


    Savage Lovecast was exactly what I needed this summer when I was trying to move past the phase right after my break up. Dan Savage has been an advice columnist for a long ass time, and that is kind of what this podcast is. Every Tuesday, Dan answers calls from people wanting relationship, love, sex, emotional, and life advice. Dan is truly an open book, nothing is weird to him. He breaks down stereotypes and normalizes a lot of things that many might find strange or taboo. Dan does identify as a gay man, but he gives advice to people of all sexualities. At the beginning of the podcast he usually gives a short talk about politics or news or some kind of social issue. Then he gets straight into answering pre-recorded calls. Sometimes you will agree with the advice he gives and sometimes you won’t, but he will always make you think. There have been many times that I have listened to this podcast and understood my own issues better based off of his advice about something completely unrelated to my life. His weekly episodes are free, but he has lengthier versions available on his website that cost money.

  3. That Was Us with Julia Nunes


    I’ve talked about my love Julia Nunes a few times before on this blog, and I’m not stoppin! She is an amazing musician and an amazing human being. I became a fan of hers a while ago and I knew she had a podcast, but I had never checked it out. This summer I finally did, and I was not disappointed. Julia has her guests come on and bring a memory from their childhood/teen years with them to examine. Most of them bring an old diary/journal entry. They read it or examine it and then they go through it together with a fine tooth comb. It is a lot of fun to make fun of how silly and dramatic you were when you were a teenager so this podcast gives you that same satisfaction. Not all of the episodes are funny, some tackle some pretty tough stuff. But some of them are so hilarious (especially the ones where they go back and read xanga/livejournal posts). TOO GOOD. The episodes are more few and far between with this podcast, it does not update weekly.

  4. The Heart


    This podcast is a little bit of a departure from the past few I have on the list. It is more of a storytelling podcast than anything else, but of course it has to do with love and emotions. I’m sensing a pattern here…One of my dearest friends told me about this podcast this summer and the stories are so bold and raw. The stories are true and they are narrated as such. I suggest listening to the one called “First” to start with, especially for all my LGBTQ+ ladies reading this. It is a beautiful description of what it feels like to be in love for the first time. I listened to it on a plane from Washington DC to Houston and I burst into tears. I was sandwiched in between two Asian business men, so that was fun. I promise there is a story told on this podcast that will strike a chord with you.

  5. Another Round


    Another Round is a BuzzFeed podcast and ya’ll I love BuzzFeed. It is amazing in all senses of the word. This podcast is hosted by two women of color, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. It is laugh out loud funny. They tackle social issues, pop culture, gender, race, and all kinds of other stuff. They will make you laugh until you cry and they somehow find a way to make super heavy topics, lighter. They discuss what matters and they make things relatable. Give them a listen!


There you have it ladies and germs! There of course are many other podcasts out there, these are just the ones I listen to on a consistent basis. If you aren’t into podcasts or haven’t been in the past, give them another try. The ones on this list that have new episodes weekly always have me excitedly waiting for the day the new episode comes out. They are perfect for travel and for just puttering around town. Check em out!

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