Hola mis amores.

As I’ve been surfing the interwebz the past week or so I’ve come across a ton of gift guides for the holidays on different blogs and websites. And very few of them have had a single item I would actually buy on them. I’m not a picky person and I will be excited and happy about any gift I get, but I also like to get gifts that are practical or have something to do with my interests.

I decided to make my own holiday gift guide for you guys. Full of things I would love to get and to give. Hopefully you find something that tickles your fancy!

  1. Broad City X Fab Sock Set527525-740x740-1477042718-primary-pngUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years or have been in the hospital in a coma, you know that Broad City is the best thing to happen to the world since LED lightbulbs. It is my favorite TV show behind The Office and I could watch the episodes on a loop for hours without getting tired of it. Fab.com got together with Abbi and Ilana to make some merchandise for the show. The line includes shower curtains, fanny packs, beach towels, and anything else you could really think of. But the sock set has to be my fav behind the Bingo Bronson plush 🙂 I used to be pissed to get socks for Christmas, but now that I’m an adult and have to pay for things with my own monopoly money, I like getting practical things as gifts. And these socks are so cuuuuuute. They can keep your feetsies warm and make you own yo shit just like Abbi and Ilana. Check out the whole line at Fab.com.
  2. Poo-Pourripoo-pourri-before-you-go-750x430GUYS. Poo-Pourri might be the best invention since boxed wine. When I first heard of it, I felt my eyes roll into another dimension. I was over it before I even heard what it actually was. Who would waste their time creating something like this? If you don’t know what Poo-Pourri is, it is a spray to help with poop odor. You spray it in the toilet before you drop a deuce and the odor of your shit is undetectable during and after you drop off that timber. It is amazing. Science people, SCIENCE. I was at a friend’s house and decided to try it out after having an internal struggle to not use it. And it was magical. I didn’t have to worry about people smelling my taco farts after I exited the bathroom. Anxiety goneeeee. You can’t tell me your shit don’t stank, so stock up on some Poo-Pourri. I am getting some for everyone in my family this Christmas. The best place to grab some is Amazon, they make it in nearly 10 scents and a few different sizes.
  3. Anything from Stay Home Clubvintage_crewneck_flat_1024x1024Oh mannnn. I love Stay Home Club. They are a small business out of Canada that makes t-shirts, sweatshirts, patches, and lapel pins. They also have beanies, prints, jewelry, and canvas bags. I love Stay Home Club mostly because it allows me to express to the world that I am an introvert and that I do not want to talk to them. The whole aesthetic of the brand is wanting to stay at home and not talk to anyone, and that is my life goal. I have a few shirts from the site and they are comfortable and well made. I also have some patches and lapel pins on my jean jacket from Stay Home Club, they’ve got a lot of cool pins and patches if you’re into that. Check em out here.
  4. 2017 National Parks Edition #1 Calendar by ErinVaughn on Etsyil_570xn-1030167654_9a8iLast year I was gifted this calendar for Christmas and I was just as stoked about it then as I am right now. Erin Vaughn is an extremely talented freelance illustrator who paints lovely pictures of America’s National Parks. I have never been so excited to turn my calendar to the next month. I loved this calendar so much that when I was done with a month, I would cut her painting from the calendar part and I framed a few of them. They now hang in my apartment so I can admire them at any time during the year. She has three editions, so you can choose depending on the parks depicted. I already ordered the Edition 2 calendar for 2017 as a Christmas present to myself 🙂 Erin has a bunch of different products on her Etsy, so please check her out!
  5. Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Leather Wallet1564-herschel-supply-co-charlie-leather-wallet-for-women-1I’ve been through a lot of wallets in my day, but this one has probably been my favorite. I don’t carry a purse and I like to travel light at all times, so I have to have a wallet that is compact and can fit in my back pocket. It has always been difficult for me to find one that looks classy and still has the utility I need, but this one does exactly that. It has a few slots for cards on the front and back (mine has 8 cards in it right now) and the middle section holds cash. I don’t usually carry a lot of cash or change with me, so this wallet is perfect. It is slim and the leather gives it a touch of class. There are a bunch of different materials and designs you can get this wallet in, so if you aren’t digging the black leather there are other options. I bought mine on Amazon because it had the biggest selection.
  6. KAVU Rope Backpackkavu-rope-bag-grey-bagsI am kind of a backpack hound. Up until last year, I had like 8 backpacks that I had been hoarding for years. I did an overall gut of my apartment when I was moving and got rid of a bunch of them, mostly because I didn’t have space and also because I realized I needed to find more reliable options. That is something I’ve learned in adulthood. You don’t need a lot as long as what you have lasts, so it is often worth it to invest in something that will last. I’ve had 2 of these packs and the only reason I bought a second one was because I wanted one solid colored one (my first one was a print). This is the perfect sized backpack for an afternoon hike or an international trip. I’ve taken my KAVU rope pack to a few different countries at this point and it is perfect. It holds a lot more than it looks like it will and the material is super sturdy. There are a bunch of different colors and patterns, and once again, I got mine on Amazon. They’re a little pricey for what it is, BUT again it is so worth it. It will last forever and ever.
  7. Any book ever written by Cheryl Strayed9781101946909_smallv2-680I love Cheryl Strayed. So much. If you don’t know who she is you’re WRONG. You might know her as Dear Sugar or the girl Reese Witherspoon depicted in the movie version of her best seller, Wild. I love everything she has ever done. So I can’t recommend her work enough. Brave Enough is her most recent book out and it is a collection of quotes, all super meaningful and relatable. If you need general life advicce, pick up Dear Sugar or Wild. Any of her books are perfect gifts for anyone because it is all so relatable. Get into it peeps. All of her books are available on Amazon.
  8. Poler Stuff Napsack49fac1843161d39c0c54fa0e9b00c04cWho doesn’t want to look like a human caterpillar? This thing has been on my wish list for a while now, mostly because it is kind of pricey for a sleeping bag that you wear. But if you like to camp, this is perfect for cold weather camping. It folds up small and is easy to carry with you. It has holes for your arms and feet, and you can even roll up the bottom so it is easier to walk around in. Sometimes in life I just want to curl up inside a hoodie and never come out, and this product is perfect for doing just that. They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns, and they just rolled out some that are fleece lined. Wowzaaaaa. Find them at polerstuff.com
  9. Trail Arrow Camp Hat from The Parks Projectdsc_0141This hat is dopeeeeeee. I have a few other hats and shirts from The Parks Project, and I love all of their products. I love national parks and I have a passion for preserving them because I believe all the beautiful things in the world are going to turn to shit if we don’t remain responsible for them. The Parks Project is amazeballs because they make products that represent all of America’s National Parks and every purchase donates to The National Park Service. Check this hat out at The Parks Project.
  10. Sleepy Sloth Tea Infuser506097_ru1115w_kw37438_88I am a tea fiend and more recently I have become obsessed with loose leaf teas. And in order to not have chunks of leaves and shit in your tea, you gotta get a tea infuser. I had a really basic square one for the longest time and then I came across some extremely cute ones, and of course I couldn’t hold back. I am an avid sloth lover. When I was living in Costa Rica I almost went to a sloth sanctuary and had a tea party with an actual sloth for my birthday. My life would have been made. I had to buy this sleepy sloth tea infuser the second I saw it on amazon. I think everyone should have one, so get one for yourself and everyone you know. This would be a bomb stocking stuffer if you’re into that. Find it on Amazon.There you have it people of the internet! 10 possible gifts in a few different price ranges you can get for your friends or family or even yourself! Treat yo’ self because you deserve it. Happy Holidays!

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