I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if that is what you celebrate! I am having a fantastic time in Colorado with my family. But I still wanted to drop in some of my December favs for ya.

  1. Homemade Trail Mix


    I started making this trail mix a year or so ago for camping trips mostly, so when I started planning my trip to Big Bend I knew I wanted to make some. It is super easy, you can’t even really call it a recipe. You just buy a bunch of nuts (whatever kind you like) and I always include some dark chocolate chips and craisins for sweetness. I don’t really like the taste of raisins, but you could throw some of those in there too if you wanted. This time I used peanuts, almonds, unshelled pistachios, and cashews. In the past I’ve used pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds as well. It is the perfect mix of salty and sweet. Mix all of it together and BAM! You have some simple, delicious trail mix. I realize you can just buy this already made, but where is the fun in that! Make something with your own two hands!

  2. Squatty Potty


    Laugh all you want! This thing is da bomb. I’ll admit, I thought this shit was weird as hell the first time I saw one too. I thought it was some kind of medical thing for people who can’t poop, and it kind of is. Basically, it elevates your posture in a way that opens up your colon so it is easier to poop. Again, I know it is strange and it seems foreign. But it is scientifically proven to give you the smoothest poops of your life and I don’t know about you, but that’s all I want in life besides a puppy. I tried one that one of my friends had a few months ago, and had to have one for myself. It does take some getting used to for sure. I’ve pooped one way my whole life, with my two feet on the floor. It feels a bit odd to sit in a different way on the porcelain throne, but I can testify that this works. After a few days without it, I can unashamedly say that I missed it! It fits around any toilet, and it doesn’t take up too much space. I ordered mine on amazon and yes, it comes in a discreet box.

  3. Poler Stuff


    I’ve talked about Poler Stuff before on this blog, but I haven’t talked about my own experience with the products. I admired Poler from afar for a while, basically I drooled over most of their products on the internet for a while before I actually bought anything. Their stuff is quality, but also pretty pricey. I finally bit the bullet this month and ordered some items while they were on sale. I got the hoodie pictured above and the beanie pictured above. I can honestly say, I don’t believe I own a more comfortable hoodie. It is super warm, but it doesn’t have the heaviness/bulk that comes with a thick hoodie. It’s a cool teal color with the logo on the back and a smaller version of it on the left side of the chest on the front. It also has a kangaroo pouch for your cold hands. I can tell this hoodie is going to last for a long time, which is awesome. I also love beanies, I have to stop myself from buying hats all the damn time. It is becoming a problem…but this hat is super warm and you can unfold it to make it more slouchy. It is a super bright purple color, which I love. They make all kinds of products from tents for camping to camera cases, so check out Poler Stuff. 

  4. Christmas/Winter Beers


    I love a good seasonal beer. I wanted to do another seasonal beer taste test with winter beers, but I never got around to it 😦 I have made a point to order winter/Christmas style seasonal beers this December though. A few I’ve liked so much that I’ve bought six packs to keep in the fridge and sip on all winter. Winter beers characteristically are ales or lagers, so they are a bit heavier and darker. I like a good stout every now and again in the winter, but I’m not a huge stout person so winter style beers are the perfect middle ground for me. Most have cinnamon and cardamom and nutmeg in them to give that little extra Christmasy flavor. I’m hoping some of the seasonal releases stay on the shelves until late January at least. Check out some local breweries and see what they’ve got cookin as far as seasonal brews go.

  5. Chance the Rapper


    What can I possibly say to sum up one of the greatest artists in my eyes currently? He is unstoppable. His album Coloring Book came out earlier this year, but I am still bumping it nearly every day. I’ve been a long time fan of Chance, since his mixtape, Acid Rap, and albums with Donnie Trumpet. His vibrance, energy, and gentle spirit have always pulled me in. There are very few rappers in the game like him today. He genuinely wants good for everyone and strives to bring good to people. He releases all of his albums for free and does not profit from any of his albums, only from his concerts. He doesn’t belong to an album, he records or produces his own music or partners with producers that he is friends with. Chance raps about real things, things that are happening in the lives of real people. Not sex and drugs and hoes. Although a lot of his music on the album is influenced by gospel and religious music, that doesn’t deter someone like me who is non religious. It just shows his depth and his style. I have rematched his SNL performance about 100 times at this point, if you haven’t watched it, here’s the link. Chance has something for everybody. Check out his soundcloud for all of his music. If you have the opportunity to see him live, DO IT. I’ve seen him twice, both at festivals and his energy is amazing. Go see him if he’s ever in your city!

    That wraps up my favorites for the year of 2016! How wild it feels to say that! I will post again before the end of 2016, but hopefully you’re as eager for 2017 as I am. Good energy and good vibes peeps!

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