Hi 🙂 I hope you’re having a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, enlightening Sunday. I am sitting in my bed, hungover. But guess what, life is still beautiful even from the gutter.

I am feeling especially inspired lately. I believed I would be wrought with fear and anger and sadness upon the inauguration. But surprisingly, I was the opposite. I felt a fire deep within my belly that has just begun to blaze. Of course this fire was fueled by anger and fear and sadness, but nonetheless the fire is a burnin and a churnin. That is more than I could have hoped for.

Yesterday, I participated in the Houston Women’s March. It was inspiring and lovely and gritty. All of the things that I love. It was unlike any experience I’ve had. I laughed, I cried, and I felt damn powerful. I made friends with many strangers in the crowd and one thing became extremely apparent to me. We are powerful. The power I felt surging through my bones while pounding the pavement in the name of feminism and equality was forceful.

And the thought of people doing this all over the world, gave me a high I’ve never experienced before. There is still so much good in the world. Among all the evil. There are many seeds of goodness, we just have to seek them out. We have to stay woke. We have to see them. We cannot be complacent. We have to stand up. Together.

Those of you that know me personally, know that I am passionate about change. I am in the process (waiting for acceptance letters) of getting accepted to master’s programs. I understand how valuable education is and I’ve always wanted to be involved in making it better and accessible to all. All of the programs I applied to are for Education Policy. I am passionate about fighting for what is right for all.

Anytime I tell people I want to do policy work I am met with huffs and puffs, good lucks, and guffaws. I understand what an undertaking it is. I understand that it won’t be easy. I understand that it will be an uphill climb with roadblocks and rerouting required. But I also understand that there are still seeds of goodness out there. All we have to do is plant them, nurture them, and watch them grow.

I am ready. I am capable. I am willing. People have already doubted me and my passion. And that’s okay. That doubt just adds fuel to my fire.

Remember, you are an empire.

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