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Hey lovelies!

Just as a reminder, I’m not sponsored nor do I get compensation from any companies for products that I promote on this here tiny corner of the internet. If I write about a product on here, it’s because I use it myself and love it. I won’t ever write about a product I haven’t used myself because part of having a blog is having an honest voice. I won’t steer ya wrong!

Speaking of products, I am going to promote one right now. Being a woman is difficult for many reasons, but having the lining of your uterine walls come barreling down your vagina every month is just the cherry on top of the fucking cake. Periods are hard dudes. I remember the first time I got my period in the 6th grade, I thought I was dying. I legitimately thought I was bleeding out. I completely forgot we watched a video from the 1980s in 5th grade explaining this exact phenomenon. Welcome to womanhood! Get ready to buy new underwear frequently!

It took me quite some time to get the hang of lady business. For me, talking about my period was super embarrassing until my late high school years. I just used the pads my mom bought, which of course looked like they could absorb the entirety of the ocean if need be. I was terrified of tampons until junior or senior year of high school. I remember reading the tampon box my older sister kept under the sink and all the warnings of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if you left one in too long. At that point, I believed my vagina was a cave with no end, so it terrified me to think that a piece of cotton could just float inside of me and MAYBE the string would break off when I tried to take it out. Of course later I found out that my vagina was not the black hole vortex I thought it was.

I finally relaxed enough to try tampons and it worked for me for a while, but I always wanted something that I didn’t have to have anxiety about. I was always worried about TSS or forgetting I had one in and putting another one in on top of the first one (this happened to a friend of mine and she had to get the first one surgically removed).

Then in college I discovered the Diva Cup. I was immediately turned off by the name because it sounds so flowery and girly, but initially I was intrigued. For those of you that don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, the Diva Cup is a menstrual cup. There are many brands now, but when I first heard of menstrual cups, the Diva was the only one on the market. Basically it is a tiny cup that fits right at the base of your vagina and collects all the blood/uterine wall shit. I know what you’re thinking; how do I put a CUP inside myself? and how can a cup hold the red tsunami that comes out of me once a month?


To answer the first question: The Diva Cup is made of body safe silicone so it is squishy. It folds and bends easily, but not so easily that it will do any of that stuff inside of you. The cup itself is pretty small, so it doesn’t feel like you’re shoving a red solo cup up there. To answer the second question: You don’t produce as much blood/uterine wall shit as you think. It just looks like more when absorbed by the products you’ve been using, the Diva Cup can hold one full ounce of liquid. It also doesn’t give off any odor because period blood doesn’t smell until it is exposed to the air.

The best part of using the Diva Cup in my opinion is that you only have to empty it every 12 hours (depending on your flow of course). For me sometimes I go almost the entire day without emptying it and I am leak free. The cup sits low in your vaginal canal so it stops any liquid getting around the sides, and since the vaginal walls are elastic it fits every vagina. You can wear it all night, you can wear it while swimming, while working out, and pretty much doing anything (except vaginal intercourse). You can’t feel it inside of you at all, which I also like.

There are two sizes you can get, one for people who have not given birth to a child and one for people who have. The vaginal canal obviously stretches when you push a baby out of it, so they’ve accounted for that.

One of the biggest draws for me when deciding to start using this is the amount of waste it produces (zero!) so it is much more environmentally friendly than pads or tampons. It also saves you a ton of money! I’ve had my Diva Cup for almost 3 years and haven’t had to get a new one, they have a long shelf life. Initially the Diva Cup is $27.00, but you will spend that on tampons/pads easily for a 6 month supply.

I will warn that it does take some getting used to though. If you are not used to being all up in your vagina, it can feel slightly uncomfortable at first. There’s a method to putting it in and taking it out so that you don’t make a mess. It took me a few months of using it to finally feel like it was easy and like I wasn’t stressed about it. But once I got used to using it, I have not gone back to using anything else.


Understand that the Diva Cup is not for every person. Every body is different. Just know that it is an option, especially if you were like me and looking for something that causes less anxiety. You can get the Diva Cup online and I believe they are now selling them in pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc.). If you think it might be something that makes your period suck a little bit less, try it out!


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