This is going to be a short post. I didn’t plan on writing this today, but my head and my heart are a mess. I need a place to ache.

Well I’m heart broken yet again by what is going on in the United States. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 48 hours, you all probably know that Donald Trump has banned immigrants from entering the country from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days.

As the daughter of a Muslim immigrant, this completely breaks my heart. As a person who wants to work with refugees as a career, this completely breaks my heart. As someone who works with immigrants and children of immigrants, this completely breaks my heart. It all breaks my heart.

It is very simple. This is not a ban on immigrants, this is a ban on Muslims. I do not identify as a Muslim, but I have many friends and family members who do. It pains me to think that they are being targeted.

It hurts me. It hurts me that the people coming here from the countries listed above are not coming here. They are fleeing to here. They are trying to escape war. They are trying to keep their families and themselves safe, the best way they know how to. And we are slamming the door in their face. They are not terrorists. They are trying to escape terrorists.

My heart hurts and I weep for all of these people who thought the U.S. could be a safe haven for them to start over. It is no longer. That is our reality.

It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. And we can’t stand idly by and let this happen.

If you have people in your life who are deeply affected by this, hold them close to you. Give them warmth and help them use their voice against hate and prejudice. Cry with them and let them know you will fight for them. Stand with them in solidarity.

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