Heyoooooo! I know my last couple of posts have been pretty heavy, so let’s lighten shit up in the name of suggestions and consumerism! Here are my January favs.

  1. Declan McKenna/Angel Olsen
  2. 01_08184118_ebdb6d_2633099aangel_olsen_by_alicia_j._rose-4

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a total new music hound. Anytime I discover a new artist that I like, I go full tilt. I listen to all of their music on repeat for days on end until I pretty much know all the words to every song. This month I discovered Declan McKenna from an NPR Tiny Desk Concert (I wrote about this on a favs post a while ago). Declan McKenna is just a wee lad of 18 from across the pond! He’s a singer songwriter type musician and plays all his own instruments. He’s extremely talented. He reminds me a bit of Brett Dennen if you know who he is. Check him out.

Song suggestions: Brazil, The Kids Don’t Want to Come Home, and Isombard.

I also discovered Angel Olsen this month and I’m in love. She’s by no means new to the music scene, but for some reason I’d never heard of her before. She’s edgy and emotional and has a beautiful, raw voice. She has a very dreamy, 50’s style sultry rock vibe (Think Coming Down by Dum Dum Girls). I discovered her on an NPR Field Recording, she does have a Tiny Desk Concert as well. Check her out! You won’t be sorry you did!

Song suggestions: Shut Up Kiss Me, Never Be Mine, and Give It Up.

2. Adidas NMD


Where are all my sneakerheads? I wouldn’t say I’m a full fledged sneakerhead, but when I have my eye on a pair of new sneakers I can’t help but buy them. I’ve been wanting a pair of these shoes pretty much since they became popular late last year. They’re a versatile, hang out shoe. I don’t wear them for athletic purposes, I just wear them when I want to look stylish, but also be comfortable. They’re dope. I ended up getting mine on eBay because pretty much every retailer was sold out of them. These are the men’s line, the gray on gray color way. The main part of the shoe is actually gray wool, which can be kind of hot sometimes, but overall it doesn’t give me issues. I would highly recommend these if you’re looking for an athletic shoe to just run around town in. You’ll have to be creative about how you get them though, I haven’t been able to find any shoe retailers that don’t sell out of them in seconds, try eBay for some good options. They also run pretty expensive, mine were around $200. But it’s TREAT YO SELF season, so DO IT UP.

3. Second City Improv


I went to Chicago on my first solo trip this month and it was peaceful and amazing. One of my favorite things I did was going to see an improv show at Second City. I went to an afternoon show on a Saturday (I think it was at 4 pm) and laughed my butt off. They serve alcohol and everyone in the audience is packed in like sardines, but you’re all a little drunk and laughing a lot, so it doesn’t even matter. It is what you could imagine going to SNL would be like, but with no celebrities. And you get to yell things at the players on stage and they use your suggestions in their sketches. It’s super cool. As soon as I left, I looked to see if they had tickets available for anymore shows while I was there and of course they didn’t. That one show had me wanting to take improv classes myself. They made it look so easy and you could tell they were having so much fun up there. If you’re ever in Chicago, GO to a show at Second City! You will laugh so hard.

4. Foxy Hot Mess


I am an avid watcher of the YouTubes. As my mom would say (the YouTubes). I stumble upon awesome YouTubers after I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of click bait. I recently discovered a YouTuber named Foxy Hot Mess (F0xy on Youtube). Her name is actually Jade, but on the  YouTube machine she is known as Foxy. She’s queer and hilarious. After watching a bunch of her videos in one sitting because I have no life, all I could think of is how much I want to be friends with her. She’s super chill, but also just stupidly funny in the most natural way. If you’re looking for a new YouTuber to watch, check her out. She does a lot of collabs with Ari Fitz too so if you’re familiar with her then you’ve probably seen some of Jade on her channel.

5. Vinyl Loop


I am a vinyl collector. Go ahead, make all the hipster jokes you want. I have a cute little collection and a Crosley record player that I bought at Urban Outfitters, so I’m actually the saddest excuse for a hipster. But dudes, vinyl is sometimes expensive. Especially new releases. I discovered a website called Vinyl Loop a year or so ago, but never used it. Basically the way it works is that the website buys a bunch of limited release records on vinyl or just recent releases, and then randomly they sell the amount they have. They sell them for cheaper than the retail price, so you save some bucks. They usually don’t have a lot of stock because it’s kind of just like a secret vinyl club. Or at least that’s what it feels like, like some sort of vinyl speakeasy. It’s always random records from all different genres, but every now and then they will have something that catches my eye. They send out an email when they start to sell their stock and it seems really exclusive. Like a super secret vinyl sale. If you don’t act quickly, they sell out and then you have missed out on a new release for cheaper than the retail price. The most recent sale had Bon Iver’s new album and also Angel Olsen’s album, which I bought! I was able to snag the last one they had because I have excellent timing and I too, like to live dangerously and wait to the last minute to buy something I don’t really need. If you’re a vinyl creighton like me, check out Vinyl Loop.

6.  Peg and Awl Marlowe Lunch Bag 


I’m upping my hipster status with this one for sure. So my bestie and her sista got me some really rad Christmas gifts, one of them being this awesome waxed canvas lunch bag. It looks hella cool and makes you feel like a badass. As much of a badass with an awesome lunch bag can feel anyways. The most badass part is that it is reusable! So you can stop filling landfills with brown paper lunch bags and save da polar bears. I seriously have gotten so many compliments on this bag because it just looks like something someone really cool carries. It is super easy to clean and surprisingly holds a lot of stuff. You can use it for lunch, but also for other things. There’s also a super adorable spot to place a little note, like your mom used to do when you were a kid. But now you just write yourself a note because you’re an adult and you still need motivation to get through the day. Also #foreveralone.

7. Throwing Shade the TV show


So I’ve shared how much I love Throwing Shade the podcast many times on this blog, but guess what?! My favorite podcast got its own TV SHOW. A TV SHOW. How fuckin cool?! So it is basically just a bitesize version of their podcast with some hilarious skits thrown in. If you don’t remember the last time I sang the praises of Throwing Shade it is hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. They discuss gay and feminist things happening in the news. And recently since Trump has given us so much to talk about, they talk about a lot of important stuff. They also talk about silly things like groceries and their dogs. But alas, the TV Show is amazing because we get to see Erin and Bryan truly shine. And we get to see their faces, which you don’t get to see on the podcast. It airs every Tuesday night on TV Land at 9:30.

8. Janelle Monae


GUYS. I’m in love. And I don’t care who knows it! I saw both Moonlight and Hidden Figures (GO SEE THESE FILMS) this month. And what those two movies have in common besides brilliance is the quirky, beautiful, talented, intelligent, Janelle Monae. I’ve been a fan of her music for years now (go listen to Yoga right now if you haven’t), but her acting is too much. I can’t handle it. She plays strong female roles. She doesn’t take shit from anybody. And she stands up for what is right. Oh, and she’s really sexy. If you haven’t seen her act, do yourself a favor and get thee to the movies immediately. WCW every Wednesday for the rest of eternity.

There you have it folks! Use the links in this post if you want to check some of my January favs. Stay groovy!



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