So as most of you hopefully know at this point, Trump has rescinded all of Obama’s positive steps toward making the world a safe place for trans people. I’ve written about the trans bathroom bill before and what a crock of shit I think it is, but the reversal of all of the Obama administrations efforts hurts me more. It’s like waving a treat in front of a dog’s nose and then pulling it away and throwing it in the trash. It feels defeating. Not unlike most of what Trump has done so far as president.

I have students who are trans. Last year, I had a student who was transitioning from female to male. It was heartbreaking for me to see his struggles as they were happening. When I found out that he was starting his transition, his counselor called a meeting with all of his teachers and his parents. His father came to the meeting and wept in front of us because his head was battling his heart. He explained that he was a devout Christian and that everything he had ever been raised to believe told him to reject his child. But he loved him so much that there was no way he could do that. I remember thinking damn, that’s powerful. We discussed some concerns we had and each of his teachers vowed to protect him as best they could. And despite Trump’s efforts to abolish these kinds of protections, I stand by this vow.

As a teacher, it is my job to protect my students. As a human being, it is my responsibility to protect and care for others. I was reading an article by Janet Mock about her experience as a trans person in high school, and what she thinks of Trump’s decision to rescind protections for trans youth. In this article, she discusses the fact that young people understand trans rights. We understand that trans people are people. It is the older generations that don’t believe this. They are the ones unable to see that nothing separates themselves from a trans person. Except maybe struggle.

When trans people are denied the right to use public restrooms, they are denied the right to be considered human beings. They lose every freedom and right they have as human beings. They become so small that they become invisible to us. When they become invisible, they disappear. At least, that’s what Trump and all of his good for nothing cronies think.

They don’t understand that love will always be greater than hate. That trans people are people, the same way they are people. That we will all rally around our trans friends in need. We will support and protect them because they are people. People deserving of every right they should be afforded.

We have to protect each other. These times are scary and trying and horrifying and sad. We have to hold each other close and stand up for each other. Whether you agree with Trump or not, remember that we are all human beings. We all want the same things. Peace. Acceptance. Love. Freedom. And we all deserve the opportunity to have them.

And to any trans kids reading this, you belong here. We love you. We will protect you. 


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