Hello beautiful people!

I am a big fan of the YouTubes. The BoobTube. I sometimes have a hard time remembering when YouTube didn’t exist, and that frightens me (bring on the existential crisis!). It has taken me a few years to cultivate a beautiful list of subscriptions on YouTube, or better yet people I actually care to watch. And as a lesbian woman, of course I have some favorite LGBTQ+ YouTubers that I watch nearly daily and yearn to be best friends with (or girlfriends with…I’m a mess OK).

I thought I would share a list of my fav LGBTQ+ YouTubers, most of them are pretty popular and you probably know who they are already, but maybe I have insight. JUST MAYBE.

  1. Kyle Krieger


    Kyle Krieger reminds me so much of my best friend Adam it is insane. So watching him is kind of like hanging out with my best friend and I love that. Kyle Krieger is USWNT soccer player Ali Krieger’s brother. He is a beautiful, lovely, positive human being. But seriously, he looks like he was chiseled out of stone, Greek God Style. He cuts hair in New York City and got semi famous because he did a Ted Talk about sobriety a few years ago. He mostly posts about his life, trips he goes on, and he has a youtube series called Uncut, which he brings guests on. They are usually other male YouTubers and he cuts/styles their hair while asking them questions about their lives, etc. He is super charismatic and there’s something super magnetic about his positivity, it just radiates through your computer screen.

    P.S. You should also follow him on Instagram. His photography skills are A1 and you get to see his cute naked booty quite frequently! Also his dog, Luna, is super cute.

  2. Unsolicited Project


    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this channel, but it was around the time I was coming out (ah the baby gay years). And it was extremely helpful in figuring out what being gay actually means and how to traverse this planet as a gay woman. It is run by two lesbian women, Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella. They’re Canadian filmmakers, so their channel is a good mix of trailers for upcoming films they are creating, mini-series, and my favorite videos, Pillow Talk Mondays. Pillow Talk Mondays are where Adrianna and Sarah sit in bed together and discuss some aspect of queer women life. Their responses are mostly humorous and there are a lot of jokes about Adrianna wanting to date Sarah, but their relationship is platonic (I ship it though hehe). This channel is truly made by gay women for gay women. Also they have an insanely beautiful friend named Justine who is in a lot of their videos/films (insert heart eyes emoji x10000000000000).

    Justineeeeeeeee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Ash Hardell


    Oh mannnnn. I remember the first video I watched on Ashley’s channel and I was instantly hooked. She identifies as a queer woman and she speaks her mind wholeheartedly. Somehow she is able to voice her opinion and shut down the trolls without it coming off as super argumentative and debatey. She will have you yelling Amen Sister! at the screen. A lot of her videos are super simple (just her and her camera, with minimal editing) and it feels like you’re just having a deep convo with an old friend. She talks a lot about LGBTQ+ issues, sexual health, feminism, and mental health. Also if you want to happy cry, watch the videos of her wedding to her wife, Grace. You will bawl like a baby.

  4. Everyone is Gay


    I’ve spoken about Kristin Russo on my blog before, but she’s awesome. Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo came up with an organization called Everyone is Gay and it is basically a place for advice for LGBTQ+ peeps. It is amazing and inclusive and wonderful. If you are queer and need advice, visit their website. They also have a YouTube channel, which they used to update more frequently, but they’ve got a bunch of advice videos on there right now.

  5. SeeTheStarsAblaze


    This channel is run by a trans man named Chris from Austin, Texas. He is half of the twins who run FLAVNT Streetwear, which I’ve posted about on here before. He has a bunch of videos on here, but he recently underwent top surgery and has a lot of advice on his channel on recovery and how to take care of yourself after top surgery. He also has a series on his channel called “Big Brother Chris” where he gives advice on different aspects of living as a trans man. It is super insightful and Chris seems so gentle and kind. He really has everyone’s best interest at heart and you can tell that he wants to share what he has learned through transitioning with people who might be going through similar things.

  6. Kristen N McKenzie


    I have a slight obsession with this couple. Kristen and Steph won a season of The Amazing Race Canada and they mostly vlog about their travels since quitting their jobs after winning. They are just extremely endearing and fun to watch, they seem to have a good time no matter what they are doing. You can also tell they really love each other, which is kind of a beautiful thing to see on camera. They’ve got a few Q&A videos on their channel too, so I suggest watching those first to get to know them a bit.

  7. MissFender


    Oh mannnn. Alayna Fender is seriously so funny. She came out as bisexual a while ago, and honestly she has opened my eyes to all the bullshit bisexual people have to go through. What I love the most about her is that you can tell she doesn’t take life too seriously and that she is real. The things she talks about on her channel are her real life experiences. She has a hilarious series on her channel called “I Don’t Bi It” where she pretends to be shocked about gay things. It will make you laugh so hard you cry. And guess what guys, she’s also Canadian !!!!!! Canada just knows how to grow em!

  8. Kingsley


    I tried to avoid putting Kingsley on here, but I just couldn’t. He’s too damn funny. I didn’t want to fill this list with “mainstream” YouTubers, but I couldn’t leave him off. Kingsley is kind of the king of gossip. He reads people left and right and I love every second of it. He deals a lot with pop culture and celebrities, but also gay shit which is great. His YouTube description puts it perfectly, “I add humor to the stuff everyone is freaking out about.” Subscribe to him if you want to laugh.

    These are just some of my favorite LGBTQ+ YouTubers. Check them out if you want to go down that rabbit hole!

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