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As a lesbian woman, I never really thought I would get any kind of satisfaction in seeing gay men dress up like women. But I was wrong. I was SO wrong. I love drag queens. I love drag queens more than I love fried chicken and that is saying a lot.

I got into RuPaul’s Drag Race a few years ago because one of my ex’s good friends is obsessed with it. When I say obsessed, I mean he knows every contestant in the history of the show and their fiercest looks. He knows things that probably only the contestants on the show would know. My ex and I started with Season 6 because it is everyone’s favorite, and we were hooked! If you’ve never watched it before, I would highly suggest starting with Season 6.

After that, we watched all the seasons (except 1 and 2 because they suck) and started going to drag shows at a few of our local gay bars. At this point I’ve seen Sharon Needles, Bianca Del Rio, BenDeLaCreme, Manila Luzon, Alaska ThunderFuck, and Adore Delano live. The show has a cult following and even if you think you won’t be into it, you totally will be. As someone who couldn’t give less of a fuck about make up and hair and beautiful gowns, I am obsessed with the show.


These people are able to transform themselves in one of the most beautiful and inspiring ways possible. And it’s just a super cool experience to go to drag shows. The queens are so talented.

Season 9 of Drag Race just started last week and it had me HYPE. I watched reruns of all the other seasons in preparation and relived some of my favorite moments. So I thought I would give you my top ten queens of all time!

P.S. — This was extremely difficult for me because there are SO many amazing queens. No T, No Shade, No Pink Lemonade GIRL.


10. Latrice Royale


Large and in-charge, chunky yet funky, the bold and the beautiful: LATRICE ROYALE! I love her so much. Latrice is on Season 4 of drag race and she gave me so much life. She also appeared on All-Stars Season 1. She’s a comedy queen and she can lip sync the house down HENNY!

9. Milk


For whatever reason, Milk reminds me so much of my best friend Adam. I don’t know if it is because they are both tall and lanky or what, but Milk is such a sweetie. Milk appeared on Season 6 of Drag Race and she’s a New York queen! She was my first experience with alternative styles of drag, and drag as an art form rather than for pageantry. She’s so unique and different and represents such a different side of drag, which isn’t always glamorous.

8. Adore Delano


I have such a soft spot for Adore. On Season 6 she was so young and still trying to find herself, but she turned it out. You might recognize her from an early season of American Idol as well, where she competed out of drag. She also appeared on All-Stars 2 and ended up leaving the competition early because of some disheartening comments from the judges. As upset as I was to see her go, I think it was ultimately a good move for her. She is unique and makes drag her own, and she wanted to protect that. I saw her live and girl, this bitch can sing. She’s so good.

7. Jinx Monsoon


It’s Monsoon season! I know a lot of people disliked Jinx and felt like she didn’t deserve to win Season 5, but I was a huge fan of hers throughout Season 5. She is a Seattle queen, which for some reason I gravitate toward. Jinx is creative in a way that many other queens aren’t and it works for her. She gave us some LOOKS on Season 5.

6. Ginger Minj


Truth be told, I love a comedy queen. Especially a comedy queen I can relate to, Ginger is from the south and it shines through in her drag. Ginger appeared on Season 7 and also on All-Stars 2. I wanted her to win All-Stars 2 so badly. Her drag is extremely refined and polished, and she has only grown as we’ve seen her compete. I would love to see her live.

5. Alaska ThunderFuck


Alaska is so weird. BUT I LOVE IT. Weird looks good on her. She appeared on season 5 of drag race and went on to win All-Stars season 2. During Season 5 everyone knew her as Sharon Needles’ former boyfriend, Sharon won Season 4 and is equally as spooky and weird. They have since broken up, and Alaska has made a name for herself in the drag community. She is super versatile, almost unexpectedly. And she can turn it out on stage.

4. Kim Chi


Kim Chi is so memorable and likable. She appeared on Season 8 of drag race and her drag came so far while on the show. She was still coming into her drag persona and building on that while she was competing, but she became one of the most widely loved queens in drag race history. She had a lot of insecurities, but we got to see her overcome them on camera and it was beautiful. She can BEAT a face too.

3. Trixie Mattel


Truth be told, I didn’t love Trixie while she was on the show itself. Every time I rewatch Season 7, I like her more and more, but I wasn’t a huge fan of hers when I watched Season 7 for the first time. Her make up was too much for me, but her whole persona is basically being a Barbie doll, so the super exaggerated make up is just making fun of that. But since the show, she has done a lot of other stuff and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of her now. She is hilarious. She has a web series with another queen (Katya Zamo) on Youtube and I look forward to every episode. I’m also secretly hoping she is on the next season of All-Stars!

2. BenDeLaCreme


I love her so much. She has been one of my favorite queens since I started watching drag race. I know a lot of people think she is annoying, but I think her drag persona is so polished and hilarious. Her performance as Maggie Smith in Snatch Game from Season 6, might be my favorite Snatch Game role of all time. She killed it. Every time I rewatch Season 6, I also find myself wishing she would have made it farther in the competition. This Seattle queen will always have a special place in my heart. She also swung her nipple tassels in my face when I saw her perform, so my life has been made. I can die happy.

1. Katya Zamo


If you don’t like Katya, GTFO. She’s so so so funny. Her drag persona is a Russian woman who chain smokes and drinks vodka all day. Also she actually speaks Russian. And she’s super weird. For me the weirder the queen, the better. Her quirks are what make her who she is and she’s wonderful. She appeared on Season 7 of drag race and on All-Stars 2. I wanted her to win All-Stars 2 so bad. She seriously deserved it.

Honorable mention: Ornacia


Like I said, this was super hard for me because there are so many incredible queens. I might do another post about the least favorite queens or least favorite looks at some point. But really, if you don’t watch drag race, you need to start. It will give you so much life! I recommend starting with Season 6, then going on to Season 7, then onto Season 8, then watch Season 3, watch Season 4, then watch Season 5. Then go back and watch both seasons of All-Stars. Don’t bother watching Drag U or Seasons 1 and 2. A few of the seasons are streaming for free on Amazon Prime video! If you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL are you going to love somebody else. Can I get an Amen? LET THE MUSIC PLAY!


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