Hello peeps!

I decided to make a spring fashion post because I feel like the spring season is hard to dress for sometimes. Of course it depends on where you live and what kind of weather is constant, but there always just seems like so much more fashion stuff dedicated to summer and fall, and even winter. I feel like spring is also hard to dress for because the weather is pretty unpredictable right now.

In Houston right now it’s pretty warm already (in the 80s), and of course super duper humid. So it feels like it is time for summer clothes already, but I’ve been making an attempt to acknowledge the spring. Below I have a few spring-ish outfits that I have been wearing lately, and the links to all of the items will be within the post as well.


  1. Old Navy Women’s Pixie Chino Pants — Color: Upper Crust
  2. Urban Outfitters Men’s Southwestern Denim Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt — Color: Purple
  3. Toms Men’s Chocolate Brown Suede Brogues

    This outfit is a little more on the dressy side. I’ve been trying out a few looks to wear to my younger sister’s graduation and this one is at the top of my list. The chino pants are the first that I’ve found that actually fit me correctly. My legs are short and my torso is long, so that always complicates things when trying to find clothes that fit my body correctly. These chinos fit like skinny jeans, tight to your legs with no taper, and they hit me right at the ankle. They look polished (I clearly need to iron mine!) and are super comfortable for being in the “slacks” family. The shirt is a little more rigid because it is denim, so it is heavier feeling. It wouldn’t be something I would want to wear in the heat, so it is perfect for transitioning between winter and spring. It is short sleeved as well, so again perfect for spring. I dig the pattern. The shoes I have written about before on here, and I love them. They have held up so well and they still look brand new even though I bought them back in August.


  1. Levi’s Women’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans — Color: Secluded Echo
  2. Katin Base Slub Pocket Tee — Color: Red Multi
  3. Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 — Color: Black

    This has been a real go-to outfit for me lately. I usually go for more of earth tones and haven’t been a huge fan of wearing black in the past, mostly because it’s too hot to do it where I live. But recently I’ve been into the DARKNESS. I love love love these jeans. I recently converted to worshipping Levi’s. I used to always go super cheap when buying jeans and they would never last long, so I decided to give Levi’s a try and it has been so worth it. These jeans are mid-rise and a little long on me, but it doesn’t cause problems. I would highly recommend these jeans. I am also obsessed with the shirt, it is so simple, but so comfortable. It is a simple pocket tee, but it is extremely light and looks good with just about anything. I want to order one in every color! And last but not least, the docs! I drunkenly ordered these while I was on my spring break trip because I’ve been wanting some for a few years now. I was always worried I wouldn’t wear them enough or that the break-in process would be too much for me. But drunk me said LET’S DO IT. I was kinda smart about it though and ordered them on eBay, and was actually able to get a pair that was already kind of broken in. The look badass with everything you pair them with, and honestly they make you feel like you could kick someone’s ass at any moment. I would suggest trying to find some on eBay because they are much cheaper.


  1. Old Navy Women’s Stay White Mid-Rise Pixie Chino Pants — Color: Bright White
  2. WildFang The Ultimate S/S Button Up — Navy Floral
  3. Toms Men’s Chocolate Brown Suede Brogues (Link above)

    Back at it again with the chino pants! These are the “stain resistant” white pants that Old Navy has been advertising. I haven’t spilled anything on them to know if they actually work, but I’ve seen some YouTube videos proving that they actually do repel stains. I’ll update you guys when I spill something (it won’t be long!). The white color just adds a little bit to the dressiness of the pants, so if you have something you need to dress up for these might be a good option. I can’t stop wearing this shirt either. It is honestly so perfect. I love Wildfang. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an independent clothing company out of Portland, OR. Completely run by women. I have never owned a button up that fits me as well as this one does. It is made to fit female bodies. Their button ups are a tad bit pricey, but so worth it. The shirt isn’t too long on me and there’s no button gap or weird gaps in the shoulders. Men’s button ups often aren’t made to fit female bodies so you run into all these issues. This shirt is perfect. They’ve got a bunch of different patterns, I chose this one because it’s summery. The material is also light, so perfect for spring and summer. I paired it with same Toms Brogues I had in the first outfit, but any shoe could go with this outfit.


  1. Old Navy Women’s Mid-Rise Everyday Khaki Short (5”) — Color: Hunter Pines
  2. WildFang Wild Feminist Essence Tank — Color: Black
  3. Old Navy Women’s Chambray Shirt — Color: Light Wash
  4. Patagonia Boardshort Label Hat — Color: Camouflage
  5. Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor Sandal — Color: Bordeaux

    I’ve been wearing the crap out of this outfit as well. Super casual and perfect for warmer weather. These shorts are a pair I’ve been wearing for a few years, so they are a bit faded, but they are kind of an olive green color. I like that Old Navy makes Women’s shorts in varying lengths. The 5” is perfect for me. Not too short and not too long. This muscle tank is also from WildFang. I love the artwork on it, it is totally my vibe. I would order down a size though because mine is a bit big. It does have super big cut outs for the arm holes, so if you aren’t into showing a little side-boob/bra action, you might want to choose a different shirt. The Chambray shirt is one I’ve had for a while as well, but it has lasted and been a style staple of mine for a while. I love to throw it on over tank tops or t-shirts because the material is so light even though it is long-sleeved. It is perfect for a chilly spring day or for nighttime when everything cools off a bit. The shirt I have isn’t the same one that is linked above because they don’t have mine anymore, but they have similar ones. This hat is dopeeeeee too. Super light and waterproof. I got mine at Urban Outfitters. These sandals are PERFECT for all seasons, but you can’t get much better footwear for spring and summer. Let those toes breathe! Invest in some birks. You won’t regret it. They are super durable and pretty much mold to your feet, so the comfort level is unbeatable. There are a ton of styles too if you aren’t partial to this style or color.

Hopefully you found something in this post that interests you OR something that inspires you to embrace spring fashion! I don’t claim to know anything about fashion, I just know what I like and feel comfortable in as a queer woman. It has taken me a while to figure all of this out, so hopefully this is helpful to those of you out there who were in the same place as me a little while ago. Don’t be afraid to take risks or wear things you haven’t before. Just make sure it is something you can confidently rock and are comfortable in! Go forth and conquer spring!

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