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I’m going to apologize again for being MIA lately, I’ve been an actual chicken running around with my head cut off. More like a pleasant chicken traversing the midwestern United States, only to end up in Atlanta. I’m helping my parents move to Atlanta, so if you’re in the ATL hit me uppppp.

Here are my favorite things from June. I apologize for no authentic photos, I swear I own all this stuff. My good camera is packed up and my stuff is in boxes, so web images will have to do for this month. Enjoy!

  1. New Republic by Mark McNairy Trevor Chelsea Boots


    Wowzers, are these sexy or what? I have been in the market for some Chelsea boots for a while, but I’ve been trying to cut back on buying shoes because I’m a little bit of an addict…I can quit whenever I want OKAY. But these I just couldn’t pass up. I don’t have a lot of dress shoes, especially black so I felt like I could justify spending $100 on these. They’re beautiful. And shiny. And make you feel like you’re wearing clown shoes slightly. But in the best way possible. They look really slick and are very comfortable. I wore them for a night out a few weeks ago, and they were completely fine. No discomfort whatsoever. Mine are a little big, but otherwise they are everything I wanted. I’m not sure how they’ll wear or what the upkeep will be like because they are leather, but probably nothing a little shoe polish can’t fix. New Republic also has a ton of suede Chelsea boots and other styles of shoes. They even have PINK suede Chelsea boots, so if you’re into that, you’re welcome!

  2. Chubbies Shorts 


    These might look like ordinary shorts to you, but oh no. They aren’t. Chubbies are the brand of short shorts every frat daddy on every college campus wears. One of my ex’s male roommates was obsessed with them when we were in college, and used to wear the white ones, sans underwear (you could totally see his dick). I’ve had a hard time finding shorts I like that aren’t too short and effeminate. I wanted something not as long as a bermuda style short, but not daisy dukes either. Chubbies are perfect. Just as a trial I ordered a pair of khaki 7″ inseam shorts (boring, I know), to see if I liked them and of course they were perfect. Despite being made for men, with no butt or hips, they fit snug in all the right places for me. They’re long, but they don’t look like shorts your mom wears to take the family to Disney World in. Chubbies has a ton of different patterns and lengths, even swim trunks! I will definitely get a little fancier with my pattern selection when I order more. Check them out!

    P.S. — They say BOOMSHAKALAKA on the fabric side of the zipper 🙂

  3. Orange is the New Black Season 5 and The Therapist on Viceland

    I know I know. I am the biggest lesbian ever for putting OITNB on here, but hear me out. A lot of people I’ve talked to have said they hated this season, either they disliked the short timeline or the characters just aren’t doing it for them anymore. But honestly for me, this season solidified why I will keep watching the show for as long as they keep making new seasons. I loved that it wasn’t all about Piper. I loved that we got backstory on some newer characters and more backstory on some OG characters. I loved the short timeline it takes place in. I loved the commentary on real life struggles we are dealing with in real time. I loved that Poussey was still a part of this season even after her tragic death last season. I binged it. I loved it. I hope it continues because there are some characters on this show that speak to me in a way others couldn’t even attempt to.

    The other show I have on here is called The Therapist and it is on Viceland. Most people don’t get Viceland as a TV channel, but you can watch almost all of their content on their website anyway. Viceland is amazing. It is everything young progressives could want from a media outlet. There is a new show they started airing back in May called The Therapist, which showcases therapy sessions between celebrities (mostly rappers/musicians) and a therapist named Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. He reminds me of Yoda a bit, in a cute way. Therapy sessions are meant to be private and somewhat self serving, but it is kind of neat to be able to peek into what some of the musicians we know and love are struggling with. Dr. Singh has this way of pulling the vulnerability out of them, and it is compelling to watch. Some of the episodes have made me want to cry and some have been kind of boring, but they are still worth a watch. He’s had Waka Flaka Flame, Young M.A., and Katy Perry on to name a few.

  4. Patagonia Baggies Shorts

    As someone who considers herself masculine of center, buying swimsuits is kind of my worst nightmare. I hate it. I know there are lots of brands out there coming out with gender neutral swimwear, which is amazing and I’m so stoked about it. But most of it is still in production, so for this summer I had to get creative. When thinking about buying swimwear for this summer, I went back to what I felt like I feel comfortable in. For me, it is a one piece swimsuit and some kind of shorts. I’m not ashamed of my body, I simply don’t feel as comfortable in a two piece as I do in a one piece. I went on the hunt for some water resistant shorts, and all the women’s fit ones I found were super short. Or made of super stretchy material like spandex and I wasn’t really into that. So I did what I normally do, and I ventured into the men’s section. More specifically the swim trunks section. And lucky for me, men are wearing their swim trunks a lot shorter than they used to. Trunks that fall below the knee are out and trunks that expose your thighs (skys out, thighs out!) are in. Which happened to be perfect for me because I wanted something pretty neutral, but also comfortable. I picked up a pair of these Patagonia brand “baggies” as they are called because of their loose fit, and they were perfect. I wear them swimming, laying out, and sometimes to just bop around town in. They also dry really quick, so they’re perfect for hiking near water or anything like that. You can get them online at various retailers or at most sporting goods stores.

  5. Music:
    Wow wow wow wow. Dudes. There has been so much good music out this summer, I can’t even. I’ll share some of my current faves with ya.

    SZA’s new album (we all waited so loooooong for this to finally drop) is absolute fireeeee. It’s called Ctrl and she’s back at it with that sultry, R&B vibe she’s had since day one. If you want some music to just groove to or make babies to, SZA is the lane you want to stay in. Ctrl is also perfect for all of you out there who are looking back on your last relationship thinking, what the hell was I thinking?!

    Fav tracks: Broken Clocks, Doves in the Wind, Love Galore, and 20 Something

    Lorde’s new album Melodrama just left me completely speechless when I listened to it for the first time all the way through. We all also waited YEARS for her to drop another album, but girl had to live a little, she was 16 when her first album dropped. She’s 19 now and crooning about getting naked and riding around wit da squad. I like nearly 20 Lorde. She’s living. If you loved Pure Heroine (her first album), Melodrama is similar, but more curated if possible. You can tell she really took her time on it and took the time to have some experiences before writing more music. That’s important.

    Fav tracks: Supercut, Sober, Perfect Places, and Hard Feelings/Loveless

    Palehound is probably a band most of you haven’t heard of, but they’re amazing. AH-MAY-ZING. If you love 90s grunge/sad girl rock, you’ll love Palehound’s new album, A Place I’ll Always Go. From start to finish, the record progresses emotionally in a way that I haven’t seen many do successfully. The overall tone turns from grief to hope and kind of puts all your preconceived notions of what this album will be on its head. It’s brilliant.

    Fav tracks: Carnations, Turning 21, Feeling Fruit, and If You Met Her

    A bit of departure from sad music, Misterwives’ new album Connecting the Dots will have you bouncing off the walls and full of energy. I saw Misterwives live when they first starting releasing music a few years ago and was instantly charmed by their lead singer, Mandy Lee. She is so vibrant and energetic, it is difficult not to just fall in love with her and everything she does. Connecting the Dots has the same energy as their debut album, but also seems a bit more mature. If you want to dance and soak up as many good vibes as possible, listen to this album!

    Fav tracks: Only Human, Coloring Outside the Lines, Machine, and Drummer Boy.

    Last, but not least! Possibly my favorite bit of new music I’ve discovered this summer is an artist named Julia Jacklin. She’s an Aussie too, mate. She’s in the same vein as Margaret Glaspy or Julien Baker for those of you who are familiar. She’s more of a dreamy, singer-songwriter type. She pairs airy vocals with strong guitar chord progressions, and it really works. She sounds old timey in the best way possible. Check her out!

    Fav tracks: Pool Party, Don’t Let the Kids Win, Eastwick, and Coming of Age.

  6. Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

    This is the first time I’ve included an art exhibit in my monthly favorites, and I’m frustrated at myself for not doing it sooner! I was mostly in Oklahoma City for the month of June and got an email about the Kehinde Wiley exhibit coming to the OKCMOA, and I knew I had to go see it before migrating to Atlanta. And man was I blown away. I was kind of familiar with his work prior to going to the exhibit, but damn. He is extremely talented. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, what he does is take renaissance and neoclassical paintings and replace the people in them with people of color, women, and minorities of all kinds. So instead of Napoleon in the famous portrait of him on his horse reared back, Wiley replaces Napoleon with a black man he met on the streets of Harlem. He strives to show people of color and women in those heroic roles because they simply were written out of those parts of history because of their skin color, social status, gender etc. It is brilliant. If you ever have the chance to go see any of his exhibits, please do! His pieces will have you in awe. They are just about as beautiful as his message. The Kehinde Wiley exhibit is at the OKCMOA until September 10th. If you aren’t where you can go see an exhibit, google some of his work. He’s amazing!

That’s all I’ve got for June favorites! I wish I could tell you the flightiness of my blog posts would be ending soon, but I am still going to be all over the place for the month of July. So regular readers, bare with me! Big love to all my readers out there. In case no one told you today, you are important. In many small ways. And sometimes in big ways. Keep on truckin!

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