Hi lovelies

My past few posts have been kinda emotional and shit, so I figured I switch it up and give you some fun people to follow on Instagram.

I don’t have a lot of social media accounts because I get sucked into it way too easily and feel that I can use my time more wisely, but I do have two Instagram accounts (one is a personal account and one for this blog). So here are some people to follow on Instagram that will make you laugh or smile or feel some tings.

  1. @Sidechickblog


    AYEEEEEE! Go follow your favorite neighborhood blogger. I’m not above a little self promotion, so here ya go. I post on my blog Instagram whenever I post a new blog post here, so it is an EXCELLENT way to be the first to check out a new post. And if you don’t care about being first, remember what our lord and savior Ricky Bobby taught us: If you’re not first, you’re last. Feel free to share my blog Instagram with friends and on other social media sites, the more promo the better.

  2. @ItsChrisCrocker


    You might remember Chris Crocker from his Youtube fame a la “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.” But now he’s very active on Instagram and my dudes, he is HILARIOUS. He has some different characters he does consistently and sometimes he’s just ranting about some shit, but he’s lovely and funny and candid.

  3. @OfficialBonnetChronicles


    GUYS. How did I not know about this account sooner? Tami Roman is a reality TV star, which I honestly had never heard about her before finding this account, but she’s hilarious. She keeps it too real. All of her videos on Instagram are her in her night cap (bonnet) telling it like it is and ranting about different situations. Chances are if we’re friends, I have tagged you in at least one of her posts. She will have you ROFL.

  4. @Bejohnce


    Another funny one for ya. You may or may not be familiar with John Early, he’s a fairly new actor, but he got his start doing improv with the many SNL alums and current cast members. And he’s hilarious. He has a bunch of videos that are directed at different members of Trump’s posse and he’s got deadpan humor down.

  5. @Titussawthis


    Where are all my Kimmy Schmidt fans?! Titus Burgess aka Titus Andromedon on the show is actually really hilarious and like his character in real life. He lives for beyonce, musical theatre, and wine (PINOT NOIR). He has a hilarious character he does on his instagram videos named Tess the sommelier. Tess of course is just Titus in a red wig, but you get it. I think I’ve saved every Tess video to my favorites. Check him out!

  6. @Beigecardigan


    As far as meme pages go, I follow a lot because who doesn’t love a good meme. But out of all the meme accounts I follow, beigecardigan is by far the top of the top. Lots of topical shit and hilarity going on here. Give them a follow!

  7. @Bymariandrew


    So this is a bit of a departure from some of the other accounts I’ve posted here, this is a drawing/cartoon account. Mari Drew is a 20 something and creates cartoons/drawings that represent the struggles of adulthood. Don’t get me wrong, her stuff is funny, but most of all, it’s relatable AF. Misery loves company.

  8. @jaboukie


    I don’t really know how to explain or describe his account, he’s just a funny and normal dude. He somehow comes up with really funny captions to just ordinary photos. Check him out to fully understand what I’m trying to mash together here. Do it.

  9. @momowelch


    Another hilarious cartoonist that depicts the plights of being an adult. She features a character named Blair in all of her cartoons and Blair is constantly on the verge of an existential crisis. Her drawings are pretty simple, but also super duper relatable.

  10. @classictxts


    Have you ever wondered what your favorite characters from TV shows or movies would text to each other? Well this account does just that. It takes your favorite characters from TV shows and movies and imagines what a text convo would look like between them. It’s pretty brilliant and has me kicking myself for not thinking of that idea first. Check it out!


Looks like it’s time to go on a following spree! Fill your feed with funnies!


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