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It is tiiiiiime yet again for a favorites post! Summer is nearly over, what the actual fuck. Where did it go?! I feel like summer never feels long. Even when I was a kid and excited to go back to school at the end of summer (I was that weird kid) it didn’t feel long.

And as you guys know, I’m still in the process of moving. I’m heading up to D.C. this Sunday, also WTF. The moment I’ve been waiting for is finally happening. Wish me luck driving my car with a U-Haul trailer attached for 10 hours up to D.C. this weekend. Since I’ve been in the process of moving all summer, this post won’t have any of my own photos because my camera is packed away. But good news is, once I get to D.C. the packing will begin and everything will return to normal once again! Here we goooooo!

  1. The New York Times 36 Questions That Lead to Love 

    tumblr_inline_ny3hds6x1k1tfwmos_500.gifOk so hear me out on this. Do I believe these questions actually lead to falling in love with someone? Of course not because the world is ending and love might not actually exist. BUT. I do believe these questions help you get to know someone on a deeper level and can help you open up to someone you might be a little scared to show yourself to. I’d heard of this set of questions before, but when I was house hunting in D.C. with my roommate (we’d only met once in person before this), we did the questions on the plane ride home. And holy moly I felt so many warm fuzzies and I felt totally okay being vulnerable during it. It was kind really awesome. The questions are pretty basic and kind weird (at the end you’re supposed to stare into your partner’s eyes lol), but they really do help you understand someone on a deeper level. Do them with friends or family or your partner, it can work with anyone.

  2. ReductressReductress-page.jpg

    Wow wow wow. How did I not know about this website before? It is basically like a female run satirical news site (think The Onion). Their articles mostly consist of making fun of articles that are targeted a women in popular media (think Women’s magazines like Cosmo etc.) It is hilarious. It is run by two comediennes, Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo (who identifies as a lesbian). I found out about it through my favorite podcast (Throwing Shade) in which Sarah Pappalardo was a guest. The website has their own book and podcast as well, so check it out!

  3. Game of Thronesgame-of-thrones-meme-5-1-2.jpg

    OK HEAR ME OUT ON THIS ONE TOO. I know I am extremely late to the party on this one, forgive me my lord. I spent years thinking Game of Thrones just wasn’t for me. I usually love fantasy period piece type shows and movies, but for whatever reason I just never watched Game of Thrones (I didn’t have HBO for too damn long is one part of this). My friends kept nagging me to watch it ever since the series started, and I just never did. But finally this summer I was ready to start watching it and the stars aligned (I have HBO nows guys and it rules). And I finished all six seasons in a week in order to watch the premier of season 7. That means I watched 70 episodes (70 hours) worth of TV in one week continuously. I obviously don’t have a life, but it was also magnificent. I loved it more than I thought I ever could and I finally understood why everyone is so obsessed with it. If you don’t think you’ll be into it, just try. If you hate it, you don’t have to keep watching it, but it is super addicting and you’ll love it. I promise. Don’t wait forever!

  4. Tomboy ToesDapper_Black_SideView_medium_76d3c17a-fd37-407e-9e21-4068a885c7d0_grande.png
    So last month I bought some Chelsea Boots because I needed some nicer black shoes to wear to dressier occasions. I love the boots, but boots really only work with certain cuts of pants etc. So I was on a mission this month to find some oxford style dress shoes in black that were more appropriate for work/dressier events. I hit the jackpot with a company called Tomboy Toes. I’d read about this company before on Instagram and possibly Autostraddle, but totally forgot about them until I was in need of their services. I ended up ordering the Downtown Dappers in black and I added some purple shoe laces to my cart too (I’m a sucker for a colored lace). And I must say, they are beautiful. The ordering process was seamless and they even threw in a jar of shoe polish and instructions on how to best care for them! Yassssss! I’m all for supporting queer businesses and Tomboy Toes is one you should check out if you need some masculine footwear made for women. They’ve got a few different styles and colors to choose from, check them out!
  5. Music: Calvin Harris, HAIM, and Adult Mom

    Aye aye ayeeeee! The music this summer has been seriously too good. I don’t remember having new summer music this good since the early 2000s honestly.

    Calvin Harris’ new album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 is straight fireeeeee. I’ve been bumping it all summer. If you want some good music to dance to/sing in the car too, get this album ASAP. There’s not even a track on the album that isn’t a complete groove. His collabs are lit.

    Favorite tracks: Faking It, Feels, Cash Out, and Slide.

    HAIM’s new album Something to Tell You has been such a highly anticipated album for me. I remember when I first heard them and was so stoked that an all girl group was becoming popular. And damn are they talented. Think 70s folk rock, similar to Stevie Knicks paired with guitar riffs straight out of classic rock. I saw them for the first time live years ago when they were just starting at a music festival, there was probably a crowd of 20 or 30 people swaying to their first singles. They’ve come a long way and I’m so glad they have.

    Favorite tracks: Kept Me Crying, Want You Back, You Never Knew, and Little of Your Love.

    Adult Mom is a band I recently discovered through a few other artists I love. They’re kind of punk/grungy rock style with a soft vulnerable side. What I love most about this band is that their lead singer is genderqueer so a lot of their lyrics really resonate with the little queer weirdo inside me. I’ve mostly been listening to their album titled Momentary Lapse of Happily start to finish. It’s truly heartfelt and beautiful. Check them out.

    Favorite tracks: Be Your Own 3am, 2012, Sorry I was Sorry, and Wake.

    All can be found on Spotify and Youtube!

  6. Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs by Dave Holmes. Dave Holmes Event.jpg

    I have to admit, I’m not finished with this book yet, but it is so so so good. Dave Holmes was a guest on my favorite podcast (Throwing Shade, sorry for plugging it so much, I JUST LOVE IT) and he read a few excerpts of his memoir on the episode. I knew just by hearing the few excerpts that I had to read it. Dave Holmes identifies as gay and worked for MTV for a while, and his memoir details his growing up in the Catholic Private School system and knowing he was gay from a young age. It follows him all the way up through college (he attended Holy Cross University and started the first LGBTQ+ campus group) and his work with MTV. It is especially great if you’re a music lover (and know a lot about the progression of music through the past 50 years). Dave throws in lots of music references and even “interludes” where he takes a break from normal narration to compare his life to certain songs. It is a beautiful take on what it feels like to be misunderstood and queer as a young person. He really hits the nail on the head.

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