Hi beautiful people of the internet!

Guysssss. I have officially had this blog for one full year and I can’t even begin to explain how exciting and helpful and cool it has been to see it grow throughout this time.

When I started Sidechick, I didn’t have very many expectations. I was hoping I’d get something out of it or someone else would get something out of it, but I didn’t quite know what that was. I was just hoping it would reach someone and even if it didn’t, it would be a good way to express myself. It has done both of those things and so much more.

When I started Sidechick, I had just come out to my dad and was still working through a monumental breakup. I was looking for a way to create and express myself. I needed an outlet. I needed something that I could put time and effort into. And from the beginning I wanted this to be a side project (re: Sidechick). An accessory to my every day life. And it has been that and so much more. From the beginning I said to myself, I don’t care if no one reads it because it exists and it is out here. It is real. And that was all that mattered to me.

This blog has been such a source of happiness and personal growth for me. It has taught me so much and it has given me the outlet I was looking for. I never would have guessed this tiny corner of the internet that I have created for myself would reach people the way it has or reached the corners of the world that it has.

Thank you. Thank you for reading what I write and validating my words. Thank you for making me feel like what I am doing is good and just and necessary. Thank you for supporting me and my thoughts. Thank you for challenging me to be a better person and challenging me to create content that is meaningful. I truly would not be here without you.

If you are thinking about starting a blog or pursuing something creative, jump into it head first. Don’t hesitate. It is scary and difficult and emotional. It is not easy. But you have to do it. Take your broken heart and make art with it. There are people out there in the world that need to read what you have to write. Don’t be afraid of it. Throw yourself into it full force. Don’t worry about not having time. Don’t worry about no one reading it. Just write. Just do.

In the next few months, I plan to overhaul the design of Sidechick. It will look different, but the content will be the same, so no worries Sidechickies! Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you. I am here because of you.

Big love Sidechickies.

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