Hi guys 🙂

I want to write a little bit about feeling validated. There are many ways we can feel validated, and it differs person to person. Some people might feel validated by helping other people or by seeing others reach their goals. Some people might feel validated by making important decisions. And some people might feel validated by knowing they are doing better than others. Some people might feel validated by watching other people fail.

As human beings, it is important to do things that make us feel validated. Things that make us feel good inside. Things that make our hearts soar. Things that make us feel at home in the world once again. For me, feeling centered and balanced in my life has become one of the most important feelings for me. That is my validation.

People ask me all the time, how do you feel so confident? How do you do it? How do you feel good in your own skin? How do you give off the scent of badass? It is very simple (it’s not really actually lolz), but it’s about limiting how much I seek validation from outside sources. When we seek validation out from other people or other things, we are failing to recognize the potential for meeting our own needs that we all have.

I spent two years in a relationship with someone I loved very much, but it got to the point where I only sought validation from her. I could not even stand in silence with myself long enough to realize that doing that was destroying any shadow of who I was that was left. We have to stop seeking validation outside of ourselves. We have to realize that we possess everything necessary for that inside.

It’s about setting goals and prioritizing. It’s about making yourself and your goals a priority in your life. Make self growth a priority because until it is, you are only holding yourself back. Stop creeping on your ex on social media in hopes that it will validate you. It won’t. Stop chasing people who don’t make you feel good about yourself and your life in hopes that they’ll validate you. They won’t.

You are smart and worthy and tough and beautiful. Don’t look for someone to tell you that. Know that. Believe that. In the deepest darkest corners of yourself. Don’t look outside. Look inside. Everything you need is there.

One thought on “Validate.

  1. This is great! Super perspective and honestly this is a lesson that we all need to keep in mind. I myself am trying to find ways to validate myself on my own account after getting out of a relationship. This post was a great kick in the pants to help me realize that yes, I’ll do it all on my own. Great post!


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