Hi beautiful people of the interwebz!

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting very frequently as of late, but I promise I am not putting this on the back burner. Grad school and work and life is a real juggling act right now, so just bear with me for a bit.

You know when something just feels right deep in your bones, but you know it isn’t conventionally what you want? That’s where I’ve been at for the past few weeks. In a situation where I’m not sure if something is what I want, but at the same time I’m totally sure. Something that would normally be a deal breaker for me suddenly isn’t. This is the beauty of being human. We are allowed to change our minds. Over and over and over again if we want. We are allowed to flip the script, we are allowed to go against what we think we don’t want.

Sometimes we have to go with our gut. We have to slow down long enough to realize that sometimes what we think we want isn’t exactly what we need. We have to be patient with ourselves. And others. We have to listen to our inner self. We have to take note. We have to realize when the universe is pointing us in a certain direction, even if that direction seems like something we wouldn’t normally want.

When we do this, we open things up. We feel the sunshine on our faces. We revel in the glow of it all. And sometimes we hate it. Sometimes we decide it was a bad idea. Sometimes we curse ourselves for ignoring how we felt in the first place. But alas, how can we know if something is what we want or not if we don’t take the time to explore it?

I’m not saying that all the things you don’t want will suddenly become wants. This is not really how it works, I’m just saying that sometimes we have to ignore what we think we want, and go with our gut. Listen to ourselves. Sometimes we have to not sweat the small stuff. Sometimes a deal breaker, isn’t always a deal breaker. Sometimes we have to cross that bridge when we come to it. And sometimes we can’t cross it, sometimes we have to turn around and go the other way. But we can’t know that unless we come to the bridge in the first place.

Next time you find yourself thinking you would never do something, explore that further. Chances are, you might actually find yourself wanting to do it. Or maybe you won’t, but the idea is worth exploring. Be patient. Go slow. Reevaluate. We are constantly changing, evolving, growing. And so is our mind.

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