Hi 🙂

So lately I’ve been thinking about energy. How do we decide what we give our energy to? What kind of energy do we give off? How do we save our energy to use on useful things? I’ve been ruminating on these topics lately because I’ve been thinking a lot about intention.

The past two months have been kind of a giant whirlwind for me. I moved to DC, started graduate school, started working a new job, and started building new relationships. It has been a lot. I feel like I’ve been using that phrase to describe my life for the past two months. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a transitional phase. It won’t feel this overwhelming forever.

As things have started to settle, I’ve been thinking about how I expend my energy. If I’m being honest, I’m exhausted guys. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. In all senses. And most of the reason I am exhausted is because I am spending my energy on things like worrying or over thinking or negativity or panic. I am not using my energy wisely. I am not doing (some) things with intention. And that depletes you way faster than anything else.

We have to be wise. Wise about where and how we are spending our energy. Wise about what kind of energy we are saving up and giving off. If we are putting negative energy out into the universe, we can only expect to get that in return. We have to consider what gives us energy. For me, it is having some alone time to recharge my batteries (total introvert over here!). Sometimes that’s reading for pleasure, journaling, writing blog posts, cleaning my living space, walking outside, cooking, taking road trips, listening to music, making playlists, or just hanging out. And sometimes I get energy from social interactions, but that is rare for me. It is important to know yourself well enough to know where you get your energy from. If you don’t know, explore it a bit. Ask yourself what gets you inspired? What do you do when you’re feeling tired? Where do you find your calm? Where do you feel most centered and balanced?

If you’re always going a mile a minute, you have no time to recharge. That has been me for the past few weeks. I’ve got homework for school, papers due and I’ve got to go to work and I’ve got to worry about money and I’ve got to make friends and clean the house and run errands. Being an adult is a total juggling act, and I haven’t quite mastered that yet. But I finally realized this week that I needed to slow down and give myself time to recharge.

I need to do some of those activities that center and balance me. I need to find my calm again. And make a routine based around that because it is completely necessary. You should be doing at least one thing a day that is just for you. It doesn’t have to be something extremely complicated or time consuming, maybe it is just snoozing your alarm to get a little more sleep or making yourself some comfort food. And we need to be conscious of what we are spending my energy on. Are these things I can change? If they are, how do I change them? What is my plan? If they aren’t, how can I cope in a healthy way? How can I not spend my energy worrying and panicking?

The answer is to find the calm. And to go from there. If we aren’t making decisions from a place of calmness, we are much more likely to make a decision that isn’t right for us. So slow down. Turn off your brain for a bit. And sit in that space for a while. And remember, you’ve got this! Yousa badass.

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