Hey hey hiiiiiiiiii

Wake me up when September ends guys. Oh wait…it’s already over? Ok well 5 more minutes then.

Here are some of my favorite things I tried in September!

  1. Thayer’s Witch Hazel


    Contrary to popular belief you will not turn into a witch if you use this. But if you’re already a witch…sorry. Witch Hazel is a plant that grows in North America and parts of Asia, and it is a natural anti inflammatory. This stuff is actually really great. As you guys know, I don’t really like to use a lot of products, especially beauty products. But I’ve been sweating a lot. A LOT. DC humidity is almost as bad as Houston’s. And although we are transitioning into fall, the sun is still out and I’m still sweating walking everywhere. I don’t usually break out much, but as with any change of environment your skin kind of goes through it’s own adjustment period. This stuff is great for just cleaning your face at night or in the morning, or even as a make-up remover if you’re into that kind of thing. It is super soothing, it smells good (there are a few different scents and an unscented one), and keeps your face clean. I have the lavender one and I just put some on a cotton pad and use it to wash my face before bed. Easy peasy and my skin shines like the top of the Chrysler building (BUT NOT BECAUSE I’M SWEATING).

  2. What I’m Trying to Say by: Adam J. Kurtz


    I’ve written about Adam J. Kurtz on Sidechick before because I love love love him. But I recently discovered one of his first books he released called What I’m Trying to Say. It’s a postcard book, so all of the pages can be torn out and given to people. Each page is a postcard with something complicated to say easily put. The whole premise is that if you have a hard time articulating what you want to say, for whatever reason you can just tear out a postcard from this book and give it to someone. I am a total word nerd and I feel that I put my feelings into words well, but sometimes when I’m having a tough conversation with someone or trying to bare my soul a little bit, things don’t quite come out right. This book is a game changer if you feel that way. Each page also has a spot for you to write more in depth on the back so you can personalize them as much as you want. You can take a picture of them and send them to people, post them to social media, actually send them through the mail, or just give them to someone when you want to say something but are having a difficult time coming up with the actual words. Words are hard guys. This helps. Find the book here on Amazon or on Adam J. Kurtz’s website.

  3. Sugar High (Best Coast episode)


    So one of my favorite bands of all time is a Southern Cali surf rock band called Best Coast. The lead singer/guitarist is a fearless badass named Bethany Cosentino. One thing I love so much about her is that she is unapologetic about how she feels. If she is anxiety riddled she tell you that. If she is having a shit day, she tells you that. If she just had a fight with her boyfriend, she tells you that. She’s brutally honest about all the little things that are hard to be honest about when you’re just trying to make it through the day. She recently went on a music podcast called Sugar High and was extremely honest about what it is like dealing with anxiety, the music industry, being in the spotlight, almost giving up on one of her albums, and criticism. She is extremely candid and if you don’t love her when you start the episode, you will by the end. Check out Sugar High if you like anything related to the music industry as well. The host, Danny Carisimmi, interviews producers, artists, and managers to bands we love.

  4. I Love Dick


    I never thought I’d say this as a lesbian woman, but I Love Dick. It’s a show on Amazon, sheesh. It was created by Jill Soloway (Transparent) and it is based on a novel by the same name. It centers around a woman, Chris Krause (played by Katherine Hahn), who moves to Marfa, Texas with her husband to start an artist fellowship with a mysterious cowboy artist named Dick (played by Kevin Bacon). They really capture the oddity that is Marfa and the clashing of the kooky art world, and the old western ghost town in inhabits. Soloway is a pioneer for queer visibility in shows, and she does so in this show with grace and dignity. She takes lots of risks,  but they all land. We see the unravelling of Chris Krause as she becomes obsessed with Dick, which is trope we don’t see much in popular TV today (an unstable woman as the lead). It is different and definitely not for everyone, but I loved it. It felt so unstable, but in a way that made me want to keep watching. It has one season on Amazon, go binge it!

  5. Broad City


    Oh guys. You know how much I love Broad City. Especially if you have been following this blog since the beginning. It is an understatement to say I’m obsessed. The fourth season started this month and every episode has been divine. There has been a lot of criticism of this season in particular because it show the characters we know and love growing up a bit. Ilana and Abbi are still their same old silly selves, but we see the aching every person has to go through when adulthood becomes all too real. We can’t expect these characters to be running amok in NYC forever, eventually everyone has to grow up. But don’t worry, the hijinks are still there. The humor is still there. Our favorite broads are still traversing the city with abandon. I’ve never loved them more.

  6. Music: Snail Mail, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Fraternal Twin, and Speedy Ortiz

    Snail Mail is a band out of the suburbs of Maryland, and I discovered them through an Audiotree session they did on Youtube. The audio recording of that session is on spotify. They have a lo-fi indie rock vibe with melodic guitar riffs scattered throughout their songs. Currently they only have an EP out, but it is pure gold. Give them a listen.

    Favorite tracks: Thinning, Stick, and Slug

    I’ve been a fan of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down for a while, but I just started listening to them again. All I can say about their sound is it is completely unique, I haven’t heard anyone else like them. Her voice is extremely eclectic and the percussion/mixes are insane.

    Favorite tracks: The Evening, Holy Roller, and With a Girl Like You (cover of The Troggs original)

    Fraternal Twin is the ultimate bass line heavy, sleepy-dreamy rock for you. His voice is so smooth and subtle, it is perfect for strolling around on a rainy day. I would imagine he would be incredible live, can’t wait until he comes to DC.

    Favorite tracks: Boil, Big Dipper, and Skin Gets Hot

    Speedy Ortiz is a foursome out of Massachusetts and they are technically classified as “American indie rock” genre wise. I like them because they have some edge. Their sound is characterized by messy guitar riffs and bold bass lines. They’ve got a bit of new age grunge feel to them.

    Favorite tracks: No Below, The Graduates, and Tiger Tank.

  7. NextDoor


    Ever want to know what is going on in your neighborhood? Look no further than an app called NextDoor! NextDoor is basically a forum for your neighbors to sell things, ask advice, or post about neighborhood happenings. I live in a relatively sketchy part of DC, so for me having this app is amazing because I can go there and see if what I thought were gunshots were actually gunshots! Or if my neighbor has sold their mattress and boxsprings that they’ve been continually posting about for the past three weeks. As you might guess, this app is also wonderful entertainment for neighborhood drama. You can pretty much post whatever you want (there are guidelines and they will take your post down if it is scathing or inappropriate), so you can get a front row seat to all your neighborhood drama. You do have to be approved by an admin to join your neighborhood within the app, but the profile set up is very easy. They just verify your address so they can prove you actually live there. It’s a great resource for staying in the know!

    Hopefully something on the list from this sparks your interest, and makes you want to look into it further! Until next time folks!

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