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September Favorites

Hey hey hiiiiiiiiii Wake me up when September ends guys. Oh wait…it’s already over? Ok well 5 more minutes then. Here are some of my favorite things I tried in September! Thayer’s Witch Hazel Contrary to popular belief you will not turn into a witch if you use this. But if you’re already a witch…sorry. … Continue reading


Hi 🙂 So lately I’ve been thinking about energy. How do we decide what we give our energy to? What kind of energy do we give off? How do we save our energy to use on useful things? I’ve been ruminating on these topics lately because I’ve been thinking a lot about intention. The past … Continue reading


Hi beautiful people of the interwebz! I know, I know. I haven’t been posting very frequently as of late, but I promise I am not putting this on the back burner. Grad school and work and life is a real juggling act right now, so just bear with me for a bit. You know when … Continue reading

August Favorites

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Pretty crazy that last year when I posted my August favorites I had just started blogging! It seems like everything is coming full circle around these parts. I’m currently working on revamping the blog (design etc.), so if things start to look a little different around here, no worries! Same blog, same author, just … Continue reading


Hi guys 🙂 I want to write a little bit about feeling validated. There are many ways we can feel validated, and it differs person to person. Some people might feel validated by helping other people or by seeing others reach their goals. Some people might feel validated by making important decisions. And some people … Continue reading


Hi beautiful people of the internet! Guysssss. I have officially had this blog for one full year and I can’t even begin to explain how exciting and helpful and cool it has been to see it grow throughout this time. When I started Sidechick, I didn’t have very many expectations. I was hoping I’d get … Continue reading