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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH PEEEEEEEEPS! As some of you know, and maybe some of you don’t know, June is Pride month. What that means is it is a month for the GAYS. YASSSSSS KWEEEEEN 🙂 We finally get our own month to be gay as hell. Most of my posts this month will be pride related, … Continue reading


June 1st marked the end of my teaching career. As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m in the process of moving to Washington D.C. for grad school. When I first began my teaching career I was full of hope and energy. The whole premise behind me wanting to be a teacher was the hope … Continue reading

May Favorites

It’s that time again peeps! Time for me to ramble on about the best things I’ve tried this month. The next few posts might be a little later than normal because ya girl is in the process of moving. I’ll be kind of all over the place this summer (moving back in with my parents … Continue reading

Houston Favorites

So as you know, I’m moving to Washington DC over the summer. I’ve lived in Houston for nearly two years now, and I have found my favorite spots around the city. Most people told me I would hate living in Houston upon moving here, but it has really grown on me. People were mostly right … Continue reading

Dear Houston,

I’m not really sure how to say all of the things I need to say to you. I have lived inside of your melting pot, your palm leaves, your concrete jungle for two years. And now I am preparing to leave. I moved to Houston because I was in love. I was in that can’t … Continue reading

Cut it.

Hiiiiiiiiii I always get asked about my hair. Over the past three or four years, I have gotten less attention attached to my hair, but every now and then someone will say something about it. I had long hair my entire life. My hair hung in a long ponytail down my back, all the way … Continue reading